Top 3 restaurants in Valletta


Valletta is a historic city with secret bars and restaurants. The rich and diverse culture of Malta amalgamates inside the awe inspiring capital city. Valletta City is one of the top things to do during your stay in Malta.


City Lounge

Restaurant with view… Nice restaurant with quality products. The major asset of this restaurant is its breathtaking view of the palace and the idyllic setting that allows you to spend a nice time in Valletta.


Traditional restaurant… Located in the heart of Valletta, this restaurant offers hearty meals and Maltese cuisine. Ideal for a stop on a quiet street in Valletta.


Innovative restaurant ... A real experience in this atypical restaurant offering a varied and original mediterranean cuisine. This trendy South American-themed restaurant offers a refined and charming setting away from busy tourist streets.


Marianne Le Bourn 


Marianne Le Bourn