The Best Maltese Delicacies in Mdina

If you find yourself hungry after a day of exploring Mdina, here you can look at some places to taste local delicacies.


The Crystal Palace

You can try the best pastizzi at the Crystal Palace where is just outside of the Mdina. Pastizzi are traditional and well-known Maltese pastries that have a filling either of ricotta (Italian cheese), mushy peas or chicken. If you find yourself hungry after a day of exploring Mdina, the Crystal Palace can be your address to taste some local delicacies.

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Fontanella Tea Garden

If you are in Mdina and needed for a break after wandering around the narrow streets of the medieval city, Fontanella is the best address where you can taste a number of delicious homemade cakes. Fontanellla was started out by Louisette Sant Manduca as a hobby, but now it is the one of well-known destinations in Malta. Here, everything is freshly prepared homemade everyday. The Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Meringue are the most famous cakes. We have tried Banana Cake, Strawberry Meringue, Carrot Cake, Orange and Almond Cake that were so delicious and fresh, especially if you like fruity and fresh cakes. Other than the appetizing cakes of Fontanella, the place itself is very lovely and has a breezy rooftop overlooking the panoramic view of Malta which is the perfect after a long walk in Mdina streets. Furthermore, Fontanella offers its guests a variety of dishes like sandwiches, homemade pizzas, meat and fish apart from the cakes. Fontanella has also free delivery service around Malta if you want to taste these delicious homemade cakes at home.

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