Top 3 restaurants in Marsaxlokk


Marsaxlokk is the largest fishing port in Malta whose luzzi (traditional Maltese boats) float on turquoise water. The best time to visit this colorful village is on Sundays when the market animates its quays, there you can allow yourself to discover Maltese cuisine and enjoy this charming harbor.

Fishing is the old commercial activity of Marsaxlokk. This village reminds us of the old days, and as you can imagine, it is an ideal place to go grab a dish of fish or seafood. The dishes cooked here are delicious, the best of Malta without hesitation. And so we selected 3 restaurants, which we think are the best...


Hunter's Tower


If you’re visiting the village of Marsaklok, the restaurant Hunter’s tower is a must ! It has been the first restaurant ever to settle in the city, in 1967, and allies authenticity and modernity. Runned by the Dalli family since 1982, we were welcomed by Jon Jon, who owns the place alongside his two brothers.

Hunters tower is a typical restaurant in Malta offering classic and hearty dishes. Perfect for both family and large group meals, the setting is warm and the service of the best quality. We felt instantly welcome by the atmosphere wich is very warm and authentic. An address courted by the Maltese in number ! In addition, the card is affordable. Very traditional serving Mediterranean dishes as well as Maltese specialties such as rabbit stew, squid and octopus, it is also the first restaurant in Marsaxlokk and first in the south of the island to offer pizzas. From August to December, the restaurant offers the famous lampuki : an endemic and traditional Maltese fish that is also called "dolphin fish".


There, we had the pleasure of enjoying a fish dish and some pasta stuffed with seafood... a delight! You will be well received by Jon Jon and his brother Joseph, people absolutely charming and with a big heart, contributing of making this restaurant an address warmly recommended.

 Here Jon Jon taking great care of his customers ! Special mention for the cosy terrase outside, so quiet and peaceful. 

Here Jon Jon taking great care of his customers ! Special mention for the cosy terrase outside, so quiet and peaceful. 


As for the story of « Hunter's Tower », a legend says that the tower of this restaurant was once used for hunting ducks. Another one says that it was the family name of the tower’s first owner, who knows…


La Nostra Padrona

Located on the harbor, the restaurant La Nostra Padrona will make you fall in love with the Maltese specialties...


Enjoy fresh seafood here as the freshness of the products is indisputable. The restaurant has their own fishermen to bring them fresh fishes every day. Very well placed, this restaurant directly overlooks the harbor and local boats. In France we have a special saying : "manger les pieds dans l'eau" which means we feel like "we are eating with our feet in the water".



And finally Terrone, very popular with locals and away from very touristy restaurants, this place is nice by the port. Its name comes from the Italian dialect and is a word used to describe the people of southern Italy, peasants and workers. It's a mocking term that makes the Italians laugh a lot, so it's not uncommon for holidaymakers to take a picture of themselves in front of the name of the sign.


The restaurant offers various Mediterranean products, mainly from Sicily. It is one of the best restaurant report quality price. Indeed, the dishes are refined and qualitative with fresh products. Everything is homemade and cooked on site.

The plates are plentiful and above all excellent, thanks to the chef who studied cooking in Italy, worked in London and Naples, accumulating recipes and ingredients from all over the world. In addition, the restaurant regularly changes its menu depending on the season and fishing. They also have their own fishermen. The first thing we saw at the entrance was one of the waitresses cutting a fresh fish in front of the customers.


Terrone is refined but also very cozy with its pleasant terrace and its warm and friendly atmosphere, this place is sure to seduce you. And let's not forget to mention the mascot of the restaurant : the "fat cat" that we personally love !

So now we hope that we have whetted your appetite ! Rendez vous in Marsaxlokk !

Chloé Brunel